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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:57pm EDT

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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. this is fox5 local news at 6:00. right now at 6:00 hundreds every thousands of people are out celebrating gay pride in the district this weekend. we're live along the parade route with all of the excitement. >> and 2dc officers still in the hospital after a shocking hit-and-run. how they're doing tonight as police continue to investigate what happened. and then cranking up the heat, the temperatures on the rise, gwen has your forecast as the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm lauren de marquis. >> i'm lindsay watts in for matt. first tonight we begin with the capitol pride block party businesses and restaurants are decked out for gay pride weekend. our kristin leone live from the parade route in northwest with more, how is it looking out there, kristin
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>> good evening, ladies, bear with me, i is an awesome -- (cheers). >> celebrating love, some people up here dancing, show them off, men. gentlemen, right over here. >> hi, so, introducing me, joining me now, omar? >> yes. >> and dave, yes. >> nice, thank you so much. >> yes. >> what does it mean to be here? you are from dallas? >> from dallas, right. it is real important. i think in me lifetime at least probably one of the most relevant times to be here, so we're excited to be here and celebrate pride. >> dave, what about you? >> same thing, i mean, environment of divisiveness, uncertain any our country right now, ac part of this type of end is vier onment, so inclusive, so loving, so important, so special. >> so is this your first pride here in d.c.? >> yes, absolute. >> i what do you think? >> awesome, energetic, everybody very friendly, the vibe, kind of crazy because i
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bit more, i mean, it is just great. so awesome. everybody is having a great time you. >> guys mentioned such a contentious climate with everything going on. again, this is a historic time to be celebrating live, love, equality in this case. >> exactly. exactly. our pride is a little later, our pride is not until september. so enjoyed a pride somewhere else we have to go outside -- out of said. >> love is love, we value to remember that as a country. >> quick dance move? >> there you go, guys, you heard it, love is love. everybody enjoying gorgeous day to be outside, gorgeous day to be outside in d.c. making your way to this area, expect there to be little bit heavier congestion obviously, just more traffic here in dew point circle. parade going on until 7:30 tonight. get on down here, for now, reporting live in dupont circle, kristin leone, fox5 local news. >
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the hit-and-run involving 2dc police offer judge. brandon charged with assault with intent to kill while armed as well as aggravated assault. right now the two officers hurt thursday in adams morgan continue to recover. one is expected to be released from the hospital soon, the other in serious condition. fox5's paul wagner has more. >> witnesses to the collision say one bike officer was near the drivers side of the front of the bus while the other was a few more yards up the street. >> boom, hit him, ran over the bike, flattens the bikes, drug him down the street, another d dot officer standing over there, hit her, knock her out. we ran over and helped the officer. >> darian gray working the door at madam's organ when the crash occurred. how fast do you think they were going? >> at least 40 miles an hour, at least. >> dc police chief says the driver of the metro bus spring springed toward the officers to render first aid.
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two received. >> all i can tell you this, in my opinion, that the metro employee, the dc fire department, and the folks at the hospital saved a life last night. >> says officers found assault rifle inside the pick up, and according to two sources, familiar with the investigation, officers also found a 100 round magazine drum. but it is unclear if it was loaded with ammunition. the suspects have been identified as brandon figures mormon of prince george county virginia, and duane nicholas taylor, also of prince george. figures-mormon was the driver has been charged with assault with intent to kill. according to a recording of dc fire radio transmission, paramedics believe the driver may have been under the influence of something, and note add pipe was found in the truck. new some had nothing but praise for the officers who were struck. >> they're members of this elite unit that we have down at
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team of unbelievable officers, who are, you know, devestated by this thing. this is someone in their family that was significantly injured. and his prognosis, like i said; unclear at this time. so they're heart broken by this. >> both injured officers are four year veterans of the force. paul wagner, fox5 local news. d dot traffic control officer injured in the crash already released from the hospital. >> new video to show you now of man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in d.c. police want you to take a good look at new surveillance video. they say the man you see here is wanted for allegedly sexually assaulting a wambach in march. it happened in northwest in the 2300 block of cathedral avenue. the victim told police she has no memory of her whereabouts that night, or consenting to sex. >> heart break on the rise in prince georges county. police is a there have been dozens just this week. they've been tweeting out photos along with the numbers, more than 23
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year to date, that's a nearly 15% increase over last year, police say the thieves are taking everything they can get their hands on. >> handicap plackards taken in volume, they sell them on ebay, so many them on websites, on street corners, a juvenile had a handicap plaque adder, advertising for it, and that's how woe made an arrest on him. >> important reminder to always lock your car and don't leave desirable items laying out and visible. >> what do you think about a topless beach in maryland? it looked like it had become reality after ocean city lifeguards were instructed not to tell topless women to cover up. today that changed. this morning, the ocean city council passed a emergency ordinance that prohibit any kind of public nudity. we're still waiting for maryland's attorney general to weigh in on the issue. the worcester county states attorney asked for the attorney general's opinion, after a wom
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allowed to go topio >> getting a lot of attention, that story. all right, now to alexandria where student and staff at bryant alternative high school spent their morning installing this sparkling mural. take a look at. that will the stained glass mural designed and made by several art student as way to cover large blank wall outside of the school. lead artist says it has brought the student together, business source of pride for them. >> within this designer, different points, and segment and lines, and it represents that we're all on -- have this map. we all take different points, and paths to get to the same objectives. so the ideas that we're trying graduate, right, and lead, and have success, but the paths we take are not traditional. so they can take different paths and it ends up in the same place. >> many businesses and members of the community donated money to help fund the project. but the group still needs funding, if you would like to help,
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link to their go fund me page. >> what a nice day to be outside. all of those people out at pride. it is sunny, definitely feels like summer out there, but the heat certainly on the rise. >> yes, it is warm out there already. and just going to be getting hotter in the days to come. let's go over to gwen for more on the hot temperatures headed our way. >> you're absolutely right. it is going to get exceptionally hot. calling it a heatwave in the fox5 weather department. >> no complaining. we complains about the colds. >> i know, i don't want to hear any complaint, ladies, just come one some good tips at staying cool out there. let's look at the numbers for today. because the mercury still rose fairly high today. we hit 87 degrees at both reagan national and dullos. bwi marshall kicked in at 89 degrees. that's an indication of where we are headed to. so, let's take a look at temperatures right now across the nation's capitol, and we are talking about eight a degrees in the city, 85 at dullos, the same at
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westminster, hagerstown, manassas, same forburg, 87 a culpeper, and we've got 88 degrees as well for cumberland to the west. so, things are really starting to heat up. we've got pretty good southerly flow going on, can't show you a cloud in the sky. ridge of high pressure, bermuda high, keeping skies clear, and talking about mostly clear skies, once we get into tonight. and the jet stream well to the north continues to pump that heat in. so, if you thought it was hot today, wait until tomorrow. here's a sneak peak by express forecast for the next couple of days for you. we are talking 59 degrees on sunday, and hot sizzling 97 by monday. >> you know my advice when heading into a heatwave? >> find a friend with a air conditioner. >> or a sprinkler. still ahead, high school student scammed out of thousands. how their trip to the tropics ended in tragedy, and how you can protect yourself from being a victi
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>> ♪ ♪ batman ♪ ♪ >> sad news to report tonight the actor who played batman on the popular 19 60s tv series has passed away. adam west was 88 years old. he a periods in other tv shows, as well, such as bonanza, perry mason, when lands his signature role playing the caped crew vader. >> here now with anita vogel. >> best known
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crusader during the 19 60s tv show batman, 88 year old amezega west died friday night in los angeles after short battle with leukemia. >> batman and robin courageous warriors against crime. >> having a hands full of co-starring roles, in big screen project, early on in his career, he got discovered by batman producer, william dozier, during a necessarily's quick commercial, and although the series only ran on abc from 1966 to 1968, west iconic role as bruce wayne would forever be his most notable role. >> struggling to get quality non-type cast roles after the tv series the actor kept working, co-starring on several tv and film project. but perhaps it wasn't until even eude into steady voice-over work did his career find new life. voice and characters on the simpsons and playing mayor west, a fictional, alter ego of himself in family guy.
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children, five grandchildren, and two great grand kids, a statement from his family said: our dad always saw himself as the bright night. and aspire to make a positive impact on his fan's lives. he was always, and will be, our hero. >> in hollywood, anita vogel, fox news. >> one in eight women in the u.s. will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. >> earlier today the african women's cancer awareness organization sponsored an informal meeting for women in green belt, maryland, jamaican olympic medalist and cancer survivor was the featured speaker and our own maureen helped moderate the event. goals and meeting was to raise awareness about breast cancer, encourage people to adopt health letter lifestyle and most importantly to get screened. >> well, group of
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county high school seniors say they were scammed out of more than a thousand dollars each, they say they each pd go on week long trip to the bahamas after graduation. the people behind the website coordinating their trip and collecting their money have gone mia. fox5's tisha lewis working this one. >> tisha lewis fox5dc. >> please hold. thank you. >> please wait while i try to connect you. >> you have reached: due to our summer program i will be out of the country. please leave me detailed message and i'll try to get a hole of you as soon as possible. >> in answer when we called senior, trying to reach them since wednesday after lena from westfield high school in chantilly says the company scammed her, and 21 other seniors, out of $1,300 each. >> never gave out confirmations or anything, at that time i asked him when can i see the plane ticket, when can i see the confirmations and he said i he
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tickets but i don't want to give them to youes >> seventeen year old said that was the last time she heard back from george, with senior grad trips. her mother even got involved. she sent us these texts, asking about the students tropical get away, but there was no response. >> i planned this trip for nine months. i've known since my freshman year i'm going to the bahamas, now it is like what happens? >> like an e-mail oh, by the way, sorry, we've been in cancun, like here is your confirmation for stuff. >> eighteen year old joey also waiting. >> my reservations from the resort where we were going to go to, they got canceled, then we couldn't get in contact with the people at all. they just didn't call back or anything. so. >> say it was schedule june 17th through the 24th. >> earlier today they were posting instagram of them with
6:17 pm
kids like out on vacation. >> they could still come through. well, the thing is, is that we have multiple groups, in different parts of the nation right now, saying oh, our trip was june 10th. >> we did some digging and we discovered lena and joey aren't the only ones who feel scammed by senior grad trips. com. this rip-off report shows a complaint from student at an arizona high school who say the website collected $40,000 for a senior trip, that reportedly never happened. they were apparently left in the school's parking lot, waiting for buses to show up, and take them to the airport. >> tisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> the bet ever business bureau says senior grad trips. com has a d rating which is the second lowest rating the bureau assigns. their advice to avoid becoming a victim, use reputable websites, get details about your trip in writing and use a credit card for payment for additional protection should something go wro
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but i'm still saying wow, seniors going to the bahamas. >> little price. >> i times have changed. >> we went to disney. that will was still nice, but not as nice as a tropical get away. hopefully they can get it figured out and worked out. a lot of money to be spent. >> a lot specially for young people, yes. >> up next: honoring a special teacher. >> how student and parents are showing their love for a virginia teacher. >> and talk about dedication. the lengths 1nfl player went just to get to practice. that's next.
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judge, cited peter la boy. high school realizes educational dream. now, students and par rent showing their appreciation to a special tc williams teacher. by raising funds in her name for more dreams to come true. >> joining us right now, is that teacher, sarah kiak, thank you, welcome. so happy to have you, we also have some of her student their are with us, as well, we have saham al lee. she's also one of the scholarship recipient, and we have peter laboy, who is this year's recipient. and two other young ladies with us, we have ken did a lee walker as well as laura f
6:22 pm
es, that's correct? so thank you a here. this is exciting because we're talking educating, talking a super teacher here, right. >> yes. >> how do you feel about being acknowledged this way? >> well, i just -- i a.m. representing the scholarship fun. and i'm glad to step forward to raise money for the student. >> well, what you need to know is that the scholarship is being named after sarah. it is in her name. tell knee what kind of a teacher she is? >> well, honestly, i'm the first person in my family took to college and everything. so i didn't know about the college process, so miss kiak would hold endless afternoon, and help us navigate it, so has been a good help for college. >> and peter you're this year's recipient, we saw that excitement. >> this year's, yes. >> tell us about it. >> it was amazing, i remember when i found out being helping plan our school's pep rally. i just dropped to my knees, started crying, because i didn't think
6:23 pm
when i did, it was too much motion for me, didn't think me dreams could come true, i can can go to duke university. without that money i wouldn't be able to go. >> one of the thing to mention to our viewer, peter happens to be the son of former police offers here was injured in the line of duty by a gun, unfortunately, a gunshot, served the alexandria he was very presumed i understanded your dad showed up in duke colors. >> little duke dad button. >> it benefits needy students able to go to college?would be- >> without the scholarship fund of alex andre, a student would not be able to go, like you said, and over the years since 1986 we've served 4300 students which is amazing. >> at loft student are people who come from families where you actually helped provide free lunches for them, and that type of thing. now was there an event last night that was held. last night you
6:24 pm
people together who were contributing to the scholarship fund. how did that go? >> it was so much fun. so grateful for our community to come together and raise money. >> and did you raise an amount of $3,000 plus which is great. >> by the ends of the night it was 4,000. >> we want to get that number up. we're hoping our viewers will pitch in to help give back and help get more young people the opportunity to go to college tune get such a great education. here's how you can do it, we've got it up on our screen there, where you can go and you can donate and you can find out about it. which is really really important. i also want to say that the visual art student at tc williams were great. they pitched in together, and took this video for us, i want to give a shout out for them to all of that. but i also want to just mention the importance of education for young people. >> absolutely. higher education, what student need to be successful in their lives, and the scholarship fund of alexandria solely responsible for helping these
6:25 pm
you right now take those next steps. >> ann want t university, duke university, and james mason, right? >> james madison. >> sorry. >> and you know what? these are all -- these student graduate knack week, am i correct? so a lot of excitement going on here, graduate nag week, they've got scholarships to help pay for their education, so their goals and their dreams, as we saw the excitement with peter is definitely coming their way. you know, just this opportunity is just amazing, like we mentioned, you had like 45 people that came together yesterday. and helped to funds some of these scholarships, we want more of that to come. we are hoping our viewers as i said will dig in little deep. and go and give some with us, congratulations toing- all of you. i want you to toss those hats high. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. all right, back to you. >> thank you so much, gwen. that's great, congratulates toss all of them. >> great cause, guys. >> coming up jack and david are here. we'll take a look back at
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>> but first, fox's jacky te ahead. >> sunday it is broadway as biggest night of the year as stars hit the red carpet for the 71st annual tony award. the is her moanly take place at radio city music hall in new york city. and we'll celebrate the best broadway has to offer from the past year. actor kevin spaces set to host n politics, president trump is set to make a visit to wisconsin tuesday. state won on election day, expected to attends fundraiser event with governor school walker in an effort to raise money for the party. wednesday show off those stars and stripes. because it is flag day. the annual celebration commemorates and honors the ad drop sean of the flag. the us army also celebrates its birthday on this day. apple lovers rejoice, new state-of-the-art ipad pro set to hit the stores. bigger scream, and improvement from performance. that's look at the week aheadment fox news.
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families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> he did say under oath that you told him to let the flynn -- you said you hoped the flynn investigation -- >> i didn't say that. >> so he lied about that. >> well, i didn't say. that will i mean, i am tell you i didn't say that. >> and did he ask you to pledge -- >> and there would be nothing if i did i can say it according to everything that i've read today. but did i not say that. >> and did he ask for a pledge of loyalty from you? that's another thing he
6:30 pm
>> no, he did not. >> so he said those things under oath. would you be willing to version -- >> 100%. >> all right, strong words from president donald trump, following former fbi director james comey's testimony on capitol hill. he says nothing comey said indicates the chief executive did anything wrong. and we have now learned that attorney general, jeff sessions, has agreed appear tuesday, before the senate intelligence committee. joining us now, as dow every saturday, republican strategist, brookman, david brown, so talking about sessions, we were just discussing you guys have heard that's going to be closed session. >> that's what the letter seems to suggest, and i think it was very intentional in how they drafted the letter. he references classified information, which is real a code for can't talk about this. have to go to the closed session. >> i'm not sure, democrats are promising a watergate. just talking about there is they can't deliver a watergate. this whole thing turning into a bus. i thought comb i would have a bombshell. us
6:31 pm
performer. he was very weak. he kept it about obstruction, he c obstruction, whole thing a bus. >> what about the leaking, on the other side of it? >> comey under minds himself in every way you can undermine yourself. here you have this pot lets fbi man, always ties his tie perfectly, all of that stuff, then strategize to go leak memos. >> look, this is an example -- >> it de ben on how talk to, how you viewed this hearing, which i think is interesting, because people seem to view it in at times opposite ways, win for trump or this was awful for his administration. >> i think you're absolutely right. look, let's be clear, taking a step back, this is such a highly partisan issue, which probably detriment of the truth. but that's probably a longer conversation this segment. look, my friend jack is a art full dodger on this estimate i think he's very much hopeful not going to be a water guage. i think a couple of things are important. jim comey laid out very credible factual case that is
6:32 pm
potential compelling conclusion that trump or obstruct justice. so that's obviously -- >> how can you say that when he didn't even accuse the president of construction? >> let's cut right, we're both lawyers, let's cut right to the legal. if all you have is trump walked in and said hey, i want you -- >> if circle answer that is question. >> i want you to drop this investigation, if that's all you have -- >> that's completely false, eighth circuit ruled on the very question of whether in this case a defendant is saying i hope to goodness that you didn't do something. and they found that that constituted and they convicted the guy for obstruction of justice. so there is broader question here. >> what about the question whether there are tapes, we still don't real a have an answer. >> golly or gee? >> lordy,. >> part of the reason comey was a little bit what's the word circumspect, little less dramatic, little less express they have week than he usually is, is that he might
6:33 pm
of the tape. he said he's not. he's saying bring it on but i think jim comey -- >> do you really? i didn't get that. >> so two thought on. >> this one, it is significant that trump's former personal lawyers, when they were deposed in the case, this is years ago, they testified that they had a two man rule. which meant they would never interview donald trump without a second attorney present because of his tendency and pro cliff at this to forget wwhat he perhaps previously said in a meeting. so i think there is a really really interesting scenario. if there are tapes, let's, listen to the tapes. >> whatever talk, bob muller, under, i mean, his -- >> his attorneys, highly unlikely. >> he said he would be willing to do it, if he did do it, would that be beneficial. >> he didn't exactly say t he said i would tell them what i am telling you. >> i thought he said i will take -- >> i heard tt
6:34 pm
is he knows there is a 99% like- >> also true. >> so you get a pass. they need a lot more before they get the president under oath. like when they star and bit man got clinton under oath in the late 80s, they got clinton, but by the time watergate broke they had a mountain of stiff on richard nixon. this doesn't compare to the two cases. >> i would be remiss if i didn't pull us back one step, even as the russian investigation is critical, there are perhaps even constitutional questions in play, that relate to what this president has donor what his colleagues and associate perhaps have done. it is also important to remember that there is a lot of other legislating that's happening in the background on capitol hill. even this week republicans are holding closed door meeting on their plan to repeat and gut the affordable care act. refuse to go hold hearings. refuse to go mark up. refusing to say how many people would be affected so i think it is important to remember we can't take our ey o
6:35 pm
>> you'll see this slowly go away, because the democrat know this is a bus. under the heading that far which doesn't kill in you politics makes you stronger this will make trump stronger w sessions, what are what is it? say he met with the ands 20 times, nel they -- unless they can come that he was active -- >> bridges up the whole optics. >> when he testified before the senate judiciary committee what he recorded on his application for security clue ands, all of those things. >> real quick guys. next week there will be talk about cuba. what do we see there? any big changes from what president obama had done? >> i don't know. obama has opened it up. i think trump would be reluctant to go back on that even though he might like to of course that issue is a big florida in florida politics. i think he'll slowly manage a transition. >> you would know better than me, but i heard that there might screen bill a lit bit of authorities trading between the president and
6:36 pm
>> they had dinner right before senator rubio sat as someone on the panel, cross-examined doctor tommy and i heard may be some horse trade willing, perhaps a cuba policy shift in exchange for who knows what. >> i do think we're drifting closely to a very open primary. he predict open primary both sides in 2020. >> ted is running cruise's place. >> i saw that evidence in gq, yes. >> thank you so much, guys, for joining us. >> thanks, giles, and happy pride. >> happy pride. >> pride colors. >> absolutely. >> we will be right back.
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z2e2dz z1a2z
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y2e2dy y1a2y >> the temperatures are rising quickly, how long will the heat last? finds out monday on fox5 news morning. >> talk about an act of kindness, a washington state man paid the lunch debt for every student in the school district where he lives. >> tom lee says he found out recently his kidneys are failing and his heart isn't healthy enough for a transplant.
6:39 pm
support that he got from loved ones got him thinking abouten ts childhood school and offered to pay the lunch depth. the toll al just 259. so lee decided to go further paying off the lunch debt for every student in all ten schools in his district. >> i can't tell you how good that felt. >> we did okay in life. we save, we're savers. and we worked for a long time, we did okay. so, you know, it was time to give back. >> we were even excited for the lunch women. >> yes, yes, the lunch ladies, on monday, they didn't have to sit there and turn any children away. >> the gratitude and thank you note have been pouring in. some parents offered to send him on a trip, and one even offered to donate a kidney. i think that's the best, you know, obviously that man's going through some tough things, and when i feel like when times are tough it, does help you to d
6:40 pm
for somebody he will. >> yes. >> if it helps you as well. >> think about the bigger picture and doing good, while you're still here, but i'm sure meant so many to those families. reminds my of the lay way a else at christmas time. always awesome to give back. >> this week's vote in britain surprised some people. >> writer matthew good man was so sure the conservatives would win, he said he would eat his book on brexit if the labor party captured 38% of the vote. well, labor party as we know won 40%. goodwyn kept his promise during a interview today, with the bbc, he ripped out page of his book and he literally ate the words. >> i wonder how that tastes in. >> i wonder how that interview went? i have to check that out. did he go after that? was that the ends of the segment. >> could not be good for you, could not be good. >> oh, goods, nfl players for th
6:41 pm
determination, to get to voluntary work out. from o'hare airport, and force thought he was trying to go to buffalo wings riled restaurant, when the driver actually wanted to go to new york he still took him where he wanted to go. 500-mile trip cost 632, and also gave him $300 tip. gout to pay for that trip back, you snow. >> that's well end. pretty sure that would be about eight hour drive. that's a long trim. so i would have to go there, then try to go all the way back. so i don't know, i'm know, but hopefully worth it for him. that's a lot. >> have a lot to do it. >> and got his name out there. >> still ahead, special price spore an amazing family. >> we'll show you you the emotional homing for one military family. happened right here at nationals park. good
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america runs on dunkin'. >> this adorable little pooch is running out of how many. his owners however are making most of coffee beans life by checking off adventures on his bucket list. the heart-warming story. >> hey, budd. >> it is like coffee bean, won the doggy lottery when adopted by tiffany and her husband. >> we want him to know how it feels to be loved, unconditionally, just what gives us back. >> coffee bean like many older
6:45 pm
dogs, was dumped on the street in south florid 17 yea athing b. >> tiffany's husband wanted to adopt him immediately. but, she said, wait a minute. we already have four dogs in a home, and three have medical problems. >> then, everything changed. >> the minute i held him, i was gone. >> before he's gone, they want him to have it all. he now has a bucket list. coffee bean just runs he will bones with florida, it was named junior firefighter by the fire residue. >> he has seen the sunset, we want him to see the sunrise. >> he save offered ice cream at one of the city's upscale restaurant. >> we're going to go for a ride on a motorcycle, orest. >> like police made him honorary k9. >> we met the city manager yesterday. he got the bone to the sit. >> i yep, the highly prized bone to the city. and, it is not over yet. there are plenty more adventures on his list to be had. you can see what's' up to on his facebook
6:46 pm
it, it is definately taking off. 800 followers and live. >> and boy, is he. fox news. >> love him eat that little ice cream cone. >> i was going to say, he's smart, in this weather to be eating ice cream. actually it is a good excuse to. >> yes. >> popsicles, anything. >> i was running today, and it was a little too hot to be running. i realized that after i embarked on the run. >> don't run tomorrow. it will get even hotter tomorrow, lady, we are definitely in a heatwave. and pumping up the heat. >> everybody all with pride right now. >> yes. >> bridge lots of water. >> make sure to stay hydrated. we want you to be safe. don't want to do any stories about anybody health wise, with all of this hot weather. because by tomorrow, it is actually going to be
6:47 pm
right oppressive. okay? so, take a look outside. you can see, little bit of haze out there. we've got vy able to deliver. that will but oh, the heatwave will begin tomorro tw.y start to rise. and it continues into mid week. so, make sure you get prepared. highs today, take a look, upper 80s, right across the board, in all three airport, not a break at all. humidity wasn't too bad. so, you know, we kind of got little break from it, but that's not going to be the case for tomorrow of the right now 58 degrees at dc, 87 gaithersburg, hot zero nine at frederick at this hour, 58 dullos, popular number, 82 at winchester, eight a martinsburg, 88 at westminster, 82 degrees at annapolis, leonardtown at 84. dew point right now not bad. we can kind of live with this, the upper 50's, low 60s, quantico, how much, 69. so, you know,
6:48 pm
creaming its way back in. and i always call that the week. we will, however, tomorrow, move intothe low 90s, to the mi, so i'm talking anywhere from about 94, to even maybe 95 degrees, in some of the neighborhoods. we have a little bit of activity that will happen once we get near tuesday night and wednesday. we've got boundery to deal with. it will be a frontal system. that will be the park that could set us up for chance of some showers and even some thunderstorms. bye, that's not until we get into the late tuesday-wednesday period. meantime, we are talking that we want you to make sure you stay hydrated. out of direct sunlight. avoid any strenuous activity for tomorrow. no running,
6:49 pm
wear light colored clothing. and just really make sure you stay safe. if you are heading to your activities. by the 8:00 hour, 78 degrees. and by mid we s sunday shine. 93 degrees by the 5:00 hour.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
[hissing] uh- i- [sound of wrench] [intricate guitar riff] [engine starts] [guitar continues]
6:52 pm
>> you had a good teaser there. everybody was really hot out there at the nats game. >> right. so you got to shower before the game so you don't sweat too much. yes, there was an issue with a shower injury, that somehow led to the lost today. >> okay. >> this is for the nats, at the that the game this afternoon. >> yes. >> shower injury. >> shower injury. i'm explain it. just a second. nats fans have been bee moaning the state of the team's all year, especially where they close a situation always in flux, never really good until recently. seemed like the situation correct philadelphia self behind young fireball err code a glover. since getting the clearer job officially in may, grander he heard five saves, last appearance respect. then
6:53 pm
tweeked his back, showering before the game. you know, the spots are just so hard to reach someties. so, when it comes to being a good pitcher, kits never shower. a rare, at nats park, 1.66era, six home starts this season, it continued that heat at the mound today. mowing him down. he got nine strikeout, six innings. giving up one earned. sixth inning, game tied at one, adam, two run homer, his fifth of the season, nats lead it three to one. then the ninth inning came, code a glover deal with that back injury from the shower. sinsue choo-choo chooses, then ties it up with rbi double, off glover. oh, not so zest fully clean for the nats. then in the 11th, sort -- sorry, not in the scriptment robinson hit the game
6:54 pm
off sean kelly. nats lose in 11, six-three. >> well, before the washington nationals took the field last night against the texas rangers, they pulled off quite a surprise for one family from northern virginia. amy shutter and her four children are a mel tear family. her husband navy lieutenant commander chris should err just completed fourth deployment overseas. last night reunited. shows us the sites and sounds from the moment. >> (applause). >> (applause). >> (applause).
6:55 pm
>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> is there pollen oring? here? every time it gets me. more baseball on fox5. baltimore orioles in action, taking on the division rival. yankees chris on the pawn for the o's facing offer the yankees, and the bronx, orioles trying to snap a seven game road losing streak, they got trounced by the yankees last night, eight to two, trying to come back from that next here on fox. >> all right, christo's liquor doesn't look like a sporting hot bed. not many liquor stores do. but this one home to on
6:56 pm
the best cinderella story, made up of weekend war yo football ers, meet up to kick the ball around. they kick their way to match up this weekend against dc united. members don't train, they don't even know who is in the starting line up until they show up for the game, and they're preparing the same way for their game against the did pros of dc united dollars as they would any other game with pint at the liquor store this weekend. >> before you know it, now we're if the fourth rounds against dc united. so it is crazy. but here we are now. >> we don't throw anything different to place against ooh dc united than we would any other sunday or any other day we have. we know the guys, we know what we can bring, we go out out there and give it our all. >> go out to the parks on the weaken probably with all of the boys and hang out. that's what we typically do on the weekends. just another game for us. >> the hopes and dreams have already been fulfilled to make it here today with the team. like our shirt say, brothers on
6:57 pm
grown up with playing soccer, since i've been seven, eight, nine, ten, you know, we're all come along from each other, throughout the different ages. it's been a hope and a dream to make it to play with all of these guys at a higher level. we finley have reached that goal, i guess you could say. >> if anyone wants to see them play dc united dollars they lay in germantown at the soccer flex, they're tuesday night, and -- >> you know what this really is? a lot of pressure for dc united. >> can you imagine? >> for some reason they lose to this team, it doesn't prepare and has been drinking. >> they're tasting that liquor store by the way? >> yes, everything. i just want to say tap just went belmont steaks, and patch the one eyed horse got thirds,. >> hey, there you go. we were rooting for the patch. thank you, brody. hot out there for everybody. >> very hot. >> outdoor activities. >> definitely make sure to stay hydrate dollars and stay cool tomorrow. the heat can be very dangerous, we want you to be safe out there. we are
6:58 pm
ooh sunday. >> a lot of people headed out to pride. so really pay attention to that. >> that does it for us at 6:00. we will be see you after the game. >> orioles next.
7:00 pm
speaker you can create any projection you want. the chemistry that we have a net clubhouse, it can't be measured. speaker right now, the baby bombers are exceeding all expectations. anything is possible in the bronx. >> were not satisfied with just making it to the playoffs. we want to make it to the world series every year. >> so far


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